Horseback Riding for All Ages In the beautiful Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Miwok Stables

Enjoy horseback riding in one of the most beautiful riding stables in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Marin County, Miwok Stables has 26 horses and a credentialed staff of riding instructors. We have lessons, guided trail rides, and kids' summer camps. We welcome beginners, and have well-trained horses for every ability. Come join us!

Just ten minutes north of San Francisco, in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in the Marin Headlands, the scenery is beautiful – hidden from urban sprawl, a thousand acres of California grasslands, oak trees and chaparral, home to deer, bobcats, coyote and jackrabbits.

Trail Rides

Join us for a Guided Trail Ride. The scenery is beautiful, the horses are gentle, and no experience is needed, our guide will show you the ropes. Rides are about an hour, for two people, ages 12 up. It's a wonderful experience!


Lessons for Adults

We teach all levels of English riding, from Beginner through Advanced. Introductory Courses are great for the Rusty Rider and Beginner. If you have some experience, start with an evaluation lesson to find the right classes for you.

Aurthur and Jennifer

For Kids

Lessons for Kids

Lots to choose for kids ages 6 up, weekly lessons in Leadline for the youngest, and After-school for ages 9 up who have some experience.

Summer Camps

Weekly Summer Day Camps are great fun for kids, learning about horses, riding lessons and horsey activities.  All Day Camps for ages 8 up include riding lessons, games and activities. These camps are a requisite for taking the After-school program the rest of the year.

Tree down in driveway, January 11.
Tree down in driveway, January 11.

News & Stories

Surprise in the Driveway  – 

Storm gales of 40 mph blew down the old Acacia tree onto the road into the stables during the night of January 11. Instructor Caitlin Ahlberg, arriving early in the morning, sent out the photo, then climbed around the branches to get into the stables and call the NPS maintenance crew. Otherwise, horses and barns are in good shape.

 Miwok Toy Drive  – 

It was pouring rain, and something was very wrong on Highway 101; cars were not moving. The cider pot was warming in the hay barn, but nobody was there, and all the cookies were stuck in traffic in the back of Judy's car.  It was beginning to look like the Christmas Toy Drive was a wash. When all of a sudden, ... read more...

Midnight Water Crisis – 

Saturday evening, December 17 about 8:00 pm , our foreman Ruben was taking a shower and the water stopped…he  knew something was wrong..broken pipe? He dressed and went out into the freezing cold dark night...  read more...

"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom."

 Helen Thompson



" Thank you for the week of camp. Katherine has carried that blue ribbon everywhere with her this weekend. She is so very proud of it.

She gained tons of confidence in her week of camp and is really looking forward to putting it to good use in the Fall. We look forward to the after school program with lots of happy anticipation!   Thank you!"

"Thank you for providing a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Miwok Stables is such a well run, safe, and fun place to  learn more about horses. " – ANNIE

" Hi. Was chatting with Caitlin about how much there is to learn. Along with the fantastic trainers at Miwok, I am greatly enjoying the class. I have a deep interest to improve my riding ability as well as my understanding of basic horsemanship . I appreciate these opportunities Miwok provides.  Thanks again for all you do!" –J