Horseback Riding for All Ages In the beautiful Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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Portuguese Dairy Ranches

In the late 1800’s, Portuguese opened dairies throughout this valley, and their descendants still live down the road. This place was a dairy from 1886 to 1966.  After the Lopes family dairy closed, they rented stalls to horsemen until the 1980’s.

National Park

In 1972, this ranch became part of the new Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The park has 80,000 acres, and receives 14,500,000 visitors a year.

Miwok Livery Riding School

In 1981, Linda Rubio opened Miwok Livery, which gives public riding   lessons, trail rides and children’s summer camps.

Miwok Stables Center

In 1994, Linda founded the non-profit Miwok Stables Center, for Outreach programs and restoration projects in order to give back to the community by serving those with special needs. Our lease with the National Park Service for this facility is under the Miwok Stables Center. See more at

Laura and Manuel Lopes
Laura and Manuel Lopes
Our Non-Profit for Outreach Programs
Our Non-Profit for Outreach Programs