Horseback Riding for All Ages In the beautiful Golden Gate National Recreation Area

About Us

Our Horses

Over twenty-six loveable school horses teach at Miwok Stables. Each has his own personality and talents, kind heart and forgiving nature.

We have Appaloosas, Morgans, Quarter Horses and Paints, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, part Percherons, and ponies. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, from Show Circuit to cattle work.

We match our horses to our riders, taking into consideration each rider’s level of experience. Our horses are all responsive, well-trained, and gentle. Some are more suitable to the advanced rider, others are confidence-builders for beginners.

Livery horses receive the best of care: regular shoeing every few weeks, quarterly inoculations and veterinary checks. They spend their nights in indoor stalls, and have daily turn-out in outdoor paddocks, regular exercise, and all the hay they can eat three times a day.

Best In Show
Best In Show