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30 Years Later, Maggie is Back as a Mom

Like mother, 1987...

Thirty years ago,  a delightful little seven-year-old girl rode in our classes, and today she returned, a beautiful mom, to sign up her daughter in our Lead-line lessons. It is such fun when they come back to Miwok. And how time flies!

Like daughter, 2017.


Tree down in driveway, January 11.

Surprise in the Driveway  – 

An old Acacia tree fell onto the road into the stables during the night of January 11. Instructor Caitlin Ahlberg, arriving early in the morning, sent out the photo, then climbed around the branches to get into the stables and call the NPS maintenance crew. Otherwise, horses and barns are in good shape.

Christmas Toy Drive 

It was pouring rain, and something was very wrong on Highway 101; cars were not moving. The cider pot was warming in the hay barn, but nobody was there, and all the cookies were stuck in traffic in the back of Judy's car.  It was beginning to look like the Christmas Toy Drive was a wash.

When all of a sudden, Ruben came across the yard from the bunkhouse, with a huge bag slung over his shoulder. His bag was filled with brand new toys which he was donating to the Toy Drive. Then Alice got there, after an hour in traffic from Larkspur, normally a twelve-minute drive, and more Directors, Eric Rice, Donna Davidson, Sandra Sloan, riders from the Saturday classes, all showed up, sipping the hot cider, donating toys, and receiving their 2017 Miwok Calendars. 

Monday, we took all the toys to the Tam Valley Fire Station. The firemen were thrilled at the great response. It was fun, and we felt good about helping to make a happy Christmas for some of Marin's children.

Midnight Water Crisis 

Saturday evening on December 17, about 8:00 pm, Ruben was taking a shower and the water stopped… he  knew something was wrong... broken pipe? He got dressed and went out into the freezing cold dark night.

He smelled some  smoke at the water pump, so he tried to open it up, but it was searing hot. The pump had burned out! Right away  Ruben called the pump company, who are there 24/7, in Santa Rosa. The man on call said he would be there at 10:00pm.

 Ruben then called me. I was in Healdsburg at a Christmas party. My phone did not work there, so he texted me; I found out what was happening. We spoke of how the horses always needed water, so Ruben and his daughter Daisy filled up buckets from our small water tank on wheels, and together they put the water buckets in each horse's stall.

The repairman arrived at 10:00 p.m. sharp, but he had brought the wrong part, so he had to drive another hour, all the way back to Santa Rosa to replace the part that was needed for the pump. He got back to Miwok at Midnight.  

By 1:30 in the dark early morning, the new water pump was installed. 

 Ruben then went around to every stall to make sure that all the waterers were working and that the horses all had water.

All this, while we we were all snug and warm in our beds, with Sugar Plums dancing around our heads.